Tytera TYT MD-390 review

The Tytera TYT MD-390 is the latest DMR radio from Tytera or TYT that is the ruggedized twin to the Tytera TYT MD-380. This unit packs many features, including, superb audio, a multicolored LCD display, front panel programmability, rugged IP67 compliant construction, plus much more. This is a great radio for anyone looking for a durable DMR radio on the cheap for ham radio or commercial use. At the time of this review, the selling price for a new the MD-390 was $170 USD.

The Good

  • Audio Volume and Quality: The audio from this radio is full, with a good response to low frequencies, making it pleasing to listen to and it will get heard, even in the noisiest environments;
  • Rugged Construction: This radio is supposed to be IP67 compliant and thus waterproof for 30 min. submerged in up to 1m of water;
  • Multicolored LCD Display: Having a multicolored LCD display on the radio allows for easy use and programming while on the move;
  • Front Panel Programming: This radio is capable of being programmed via the keypad, allowing users to make limited changes without the need for the PC;
  • Antenna Connector: The antenna connector for this radio uses a SMA connection, allowing it to easily be connected to an external antenna;
  • Price: At $170 USD, this radio is a very attractive option for anyone looking for a rugged DMR radio.

The Bad

  • Software Polish: There are a number of oddities within the firmware of the radio that impacts its overall user experience;
  • Bluetooth Capability: This radio is not Bluetooth capable, so the use of wireless audio accessories is not possible;
  • Desktop Charger: The desktop charger takes hours to charge the radio, plus the green “finished” LED indicator does not turn off, even when the radio is removed from the charger.
Full review::  http://www.va3xpr.net/review-tytera-tyt-md-390-dmr-portable-radio/

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  1. For the person above who posted about the charging light status, did you find a way to correct this or no?